Show Me What You’re Working With (Part I)

May 10

Show Me What You’re Working With (Part I)
 rom Fashion shows to portfolio nights, the Prismacolor team was all over the Second City last week and Diana is bringing it all to you! Between visiting Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago for School of the Art Institue of Chicago 2011 Fashion Show then off to the College of DuPage for Student Portfolio Night in Glen, Ellyn, IL,. I dont know how they managed to get everything done!
Diana, Sheryl and Laura did so much that  it felt right to dedicate a second post to their adventures,  so keep an eye out for Part II!  

In the meantime, enjoy  the bright lights of  SAIC’s The Fashion Show 2011—featuring more than 250 garments from SAIC’s Fashion Design BFA candidates showcased by 60 professional models from Factor Runway—the largest ever in the show’s 77-year history, according to SAIC’s website.

I had the  most interesting week  in Chicago! Wednesday started early,  my first item of the day was heading out to Millennium Park, home of the famous “Bean,” for the School of the Art Institute’s The Fashion Show 2011. If you’re an artist, this is the show to see; out of all the fashion shows I have attended, this one takes the creativity cake.

Millennium Park looking chic for the SAIC Fashion Show 2011

Welcome to SAIC The Fashion Show 2011!


 Definitely not your generic, ready-to-wear, style show!

I have met many of these students in my trips to SAIC and I am so proud of them.  Their academic journey in fashion starts with Steve Miller’s Fashion Drawing class.  Steve has been a fashion illustrator for  years; a graduate of the Design School and illustrator for major design houses and stores like Nordstrom, he has definitely made his mark on the fashion world. He now makes Chicago his home and is a truly awesome instructor, he even taught me how to use the Prismacolor Double Ended Art Markers!!!  Steve keeps his classes relevant by having students draw using real models wearing  anything from fine couture to period pieces.  

I love seeing students start with Prismacolor Illustration and Art Markers to create some of these fashion images.  

Designs from the Sophmore artists featured in the show.

 Designs were featured by students of all levels but allotted the full collections soley for the seniors.  Sophomores were given the opportunity to feature one piece, below are a  few of the final creations designed by the sophomore students.

This garment by Kristie Breitfuss was inspired by mushrooms.


Sushi was the motivator for this sophomore...


...but the design reminded me a bit of a butterfly.



This “origami” inspired piece, by Derek Conrad, reminded me a bit of an umbrella, but the movement and hand painting in the top portion was amazing- the photo does not even capture its uniqueness.


Some designers used yarn fibers instead of woven cloth...

...all the way down to the shoes..

Junior students were allowed three designs in the show, and I definitely had my favorites. 

One of those upper level students included, Andrew Cruz, who used digitally printed cloth to sculpt his collection! Stunning!

Talk about fashion of the future!

Seniors produced entire collections for the show, an all inclusive showcase of their talent and a glimpse into their very bright futures!

One of my favorite senior collections, was  Jacqueline Kim’s all black ensemble.  The hair, the sophistication of  the black, and the great sculptural qualities worked so well  together. 

So chic.


So stylish.

So 2011.


It was a truly creative morning- I am so inspired!


Check back for Part II of “Show me what you’re working with!”


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