To the Batcave!

Jun 27

To the Batcave!

Hold on to your capes, Prismacolor enthusiasts- Fine Art Consumer Specialist, Shelley, Diana’s partner in crime, is here! She is a travelling art fiend and is taking us along on her wild ride through California as she attends the Anime Expo  THIS FRIDAY in Los Angeles and then onto  San Diego for Comic Con later this month!

Shelley is an art super hero with a BFA from the University of North Texas and with more than 10 years of teaching under her belt, she has stood bright for artists on the western half of the US, spreading the Prismacolor love  for the past 13 years. From product demonstrations to guest lectures, Shelley is our go-to-gal out West.

Quick, to the Batcave! Shelley is ready to fly!

Our hero, Shelley, to the rescue!

Suit up, whip out your Prismacolor Pencils and let the SUPER ART begin!!! Anime Expo and Comic Con are COMING!!!!!!


 Get Ready for the buzz, frenzy and fun that is fast approaching with this summer’s “Mother of all CONS,” it is none other than Comic Con and Anime Expo!!!  Hi, I am Shelley Minnis,  artist and art product specialist for Prismacolor, I have the fabulous opportunity of mixing and mingling with some of the most creative people on the planet-Comics, caricaturists, animators, manga and  anime ARTISTS!  What a great job! I show up at cool events, like the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Comic Con in San Diego and Mechacon in New Orleans- all of which are coming up in the next few weeks and months. I recently attended the Dallas Comic Con and the San Francisco Wondercon this year, too.

2011 Comic Con. Ready to unleash those super powers in 2012?!

It’s amazing see Star Trek legends like Leonard Nimoy and Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman, X-Men and other super heroes (unfortunately I had to peer from a distance) True icons in the world of pop culture.  If you want to learn a bit about Manga art, Comic book rendering or view the interesting  artists working  in Artist Alley, you will not be disappointed. You can even sign up for a Prismacolor presentation or a lecture forum to learn more about art techniques, these events are worth their weight in gold- especially if getting FREE Prismacolor samples with a chance to win GREAT  Prismacolor DOOR PRIZES feels like GOLD to you-  Then come join in.

2011 Comic Con: A tired but upbeat Spiderman

So, feel free to slip into your Batman or Wonder Woman costume and come join the fun and sharpen your drawing skills with a little help from Prismacolor and me, Shelley Minnis. See ya’ at the ‘Con and as  Batman would say, “An opportunity well taken is always a weapon of advantage.” So, TAKE ADVANTAGE….I will be presenting on Prismacolor Techniques for Manga Drawing at the Anime event in Los Angelos, CA on July 1, 2001 and I will also be at the Comic Con event in San Diego on Saturday, July 23rd at 2:00 p.m. Please come join me for a session of Creative fun. You will be AMAZED at what a simple Colored pencil or a pen can do- “ the pen is still mightier than the sword!

So, get to drawing!!! -S

SO, who’s ready to pick up the fight with Shelley? Are YOU the next Prismacolor Super Hero?! 


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