“I” In Imagination

Aug 15

“I” In Imagination

Our wonderful fine art consumer specialists, Diana and Shelley, were out and about at this year’s Colored Pencil Society International Conference (CPSA). There were auctions, workshops, dining and fun to be had over the four day event. Diana shares her experience and one of the many fabulous workshops offered during the conference.

PUT THE I BACK IN IMAGINATION was the theme of Sheila Theodoratos‘s workshop that I attended. You can see by the photo of Sheila’s work that she has quite a sense of humor and great skill with her medium of colored pencils.

Sheila began by showing us how she does her own work- it begins with some great photos and props to get high contrast lighting.  Next she uses vellum papers to get the composition just right (and in order to experiment with color). 

Sheila cut L shaped pieces of paper for us to try over our own photos.  The idea was to get a number of choices for a final work from a single photo image by turning the image to the side and using a variety of size ratios like 1:1, 1:2, 2:3, and 3:4 just to name the common ones that transfer to 12X12”, 12X24”, 12X 18, and 18X24” size papers.  We used white artist tape to block off the images and then tried to choose the most inspiring one to start a new colored pencil work.  We used vellum paper and Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils for this exercise.  This was fun!

Sheila tried to stress the importance of a title and theme that would be an award winner.  As an exercise to practice this skill we took 2 decks different color decks of cards- one red and one blue.  We began to use our Sharpie markers to write adjectives on each of the 4 sides of each card in the red deck- everyone participated so the cards were filled quickly.  Next we wrote nouns on each of the 4 sides of the cards in the blue deck.  After giving the card sets a mighty shuffle we began making combinations of words with one word from each deck.  Much laughter and OOOhing followed the most inspiring combinations.  This was great fun and it is so true that the title of a work is just as important as all of those hours that are put into the actual production.  

As a last item on the agenda in our workshop there were prizes!  What fun to win a pen that lights up to allow you to write down your ideas that you think of in the middle of the night, a good book, or a new set of Prismacolors!  

Check back this week to hear all about Shelley’s experience at CPSA! Now, go get creative!

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