What I Wore…begins with some Uninhibited sketching

Aug 04

What I Wore…begins with some Uninhibited sketching

Prismacolor markers were recently featured on the VERY chic and stylish What I Wore fashion blog, hosted by none-other than the very chic and stylish, Jessica Quirk.

Jessica started her daily fashion blog over 4 years ago and has been delighting the fashion masses with her sassy sense of style and candid conversation ever since.

Not only has her blog been featured in publications like Seventeen Magazine and Time Out: New York, but she is the very accomplished author of What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style, that just hit bookstore shelves last month!

Jessica recently posted a suave sneak peek into her sketch book and her process for creating the beautiful looks that grace the pages of her blog and book– and what would you know, Prismacolor made a guest appearance!

In Jessica’s own words:

“Finally, good markers make all the difference.  I invested in a full set of Prismacolor markers before I started illustrating the book.”

Be sure and skim through ALL the style tips and sketchbook tricks at What I Wore and check out the complete post to hear more about Jessica’s passion for Prismacolor markers!

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