Heavy Metal

Sep 27

Heavy Metal

Diana visited the Greenwich Village Art Fair in Rockford, Illinois this past weekend to highlight jewelry designer Deb Karash and her unique use of Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

Read on to learn more about Deb, her jewelry and how she infuses colored pencil into the metal of her work!

This weekend was the Greenwich Village Art Fair in Rockford, Illinois.  I love this art fair because it gives me a chance to catch up with some of the wonderful artists who attend; Keith Grace, Karen Harding, and Deb Karash to name a few. 

 Today, I want to highlight Deb Karash’s wonderful jewelry that she creates using Prismacolor Pencils and fine metals.  I met Deb about 6 years ago when she was living in Rockford, Illinois, and although she has since relocated to a brand new studio in North Carolina I still follow her work and had a wonderful time catching up with her. 

Most of us are familiar with working with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on paper or wood, some of us have even experimented with colored on Shink Plastic with colored pencils and created some of our own jewelry, but Deb takes this process to the level of fine jewelry. 

She begins by drawing and sketching her ideas out, drawing inspiration from everywhere- vintage fabrics, nature, etc.  Once she has chosen a design, she transfers it to a piece of copper. After carefully cutting the copper to her desired shape, she then adds a patina to the copper surface.  This gives the metal surface a tooth to hold the layers of colored pencil. She adds numerous layers of Prismacolor colored pencil to the copper and then adds a sealant in order to fix the color to the metal.  Next, she cuts another larger piece  from a sheet of fine silver metal and attaches the two images with small spacers in between to create a wonderful dimensional piece of jewelry. 

These unique and intricate pins are versatile,  and can be hung on a cord or chain as a necklace, worn as mismatched earrings or simply worn as a beautiful brooch.   

It is truly incredible to see our products used in such a unique and intricate way!  To learn more  about Deb Karash, visit her website and be sure to read her article in the current issue of Metalsmith magazine.


  1. Wilma Hughes /

    Lovely. What did you use to seal the pencil to the copper. I am a new metal artist and would like to try this.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. I am not sure what she uses to seal her work. Perhaps a final matte spray fixative or a coat of wax. I think that is Deb’s secret.

  3. Would love it if she ever put out a book, or tutorial. Her jewelry is what got me interested in trying to make my own. Would happily pay for a book with more info in it.

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