Introducing 18 New Colors; revived and refreshed for 2011!

Oct 26

Introducing 18 New Colors; revived and refreshed for 2011!

Prismacolor is excited to announce the release of 18 NEW colors,  including some discontinued fan favorites, revived and refreshed for 2011! These additions to the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil family will round out our set to 150 different colors.


 Keep an eye out for the NEW and COMPLETE Prismacolor Premier 150 Set in all new packaging

As the brand eagerly awaits light fast ratings on the 18 new colors, the previous 132 lightfast ratings are available on Be sure to stop by for the downloadable PDF and other amazing tools, tips and techniques!

Now, let us know what you think of our reveal! What are you most looking forward to trying? Tell us on Facebook or leave a comment below!


  1. Bonnie Nyachae /

    I must have the Prussian Green! So glad you came out with that color! Definately the Cobalt Turquoise, Eggshell, Deco Pink and Peach, and the Neons will be on my list too.

    • Thomas J Moore /

      I’m very disappointed because all these colors
      were/are in the lightfast series. They’re nice
      colors, but not new mixtures. I’d like to see
      a black green on the yellow side and a black
      green on the blue side, you know things like
      this would be new.

      • I agree with Thomas J Moore about the light fastness as well as both the black shade colors he suggested. Though I am very happy about the return of the deco colors and excited about these new greens. Im hoping they fill that gap between ‘Celadon Green’ and ‘Pale Sage’ that bothers me to no end.

    • I purchased all the new colors from and they came in the mail today – I’m so excited! I am, however, WAITING for the Deco Aqua, Deco Green, and Deco Blue to come back – please bring them back! I only have stubs left and there is no true substitute for them!

      • Amanda H /

        YES PLEASE bring Deco Blue and Deco Aqua back. So many artist are crying rivers trying to get a blue that matches. I would gladly buy a 12 pack of each of those colors.

  2. Ack! I just bought a new 132 set and this happens! <3

    • Irena Brubaker /

      Not to worry…you can add those new 18 colored pencils to you 132 set. offers them for 88 cents each.
      Enjpy it.

    • I think they should have something like an expansion pack for those of us who bought the 132 pack and dont want to go through the trouble of buying them individually…( o Ho) ~but that’s just my opinion…

  3. Can’t wait to try them out!!! Deco Peach looks so cute :D

  4. I adore the curelean blue. It’s so lovely and the 132 set doesn’t have an equivalent!

  5. So happy the deco colors are back!

  6. Curt Mullins /

    New colors! I see lots of wonderful new possibilities with these!

  7. I love the Deco Pink! And the Neon Orange!!! I have to have them all!!!!

  8. I draw portraits for a living (at my Tattoo Shop), and I am most looking foward to Eggshell and Sap Green Light. They are just another couple of lovely colors to add to my Fleshtone Palette ^u^

    • El Pastor /

      goodness – I just hope when you draw my portrait you don’t need very much “sap green” for my skin tones!

      • Jeanne B /

        LOL! Green is a complement to reds and flesh tones. It’s good for shadow and highlight areas (which are not greys or whites, by the way).

        When you look at an orange, look at the highlights and shadows closely. You should be able to see a slightly cool blue cast to the shadows furthest back, and maybe a little warmer in the closest shadows. Same with highlights. It may look white, but it’s really an extremely pale blue tint.

        That’s what I learned to do in oil painting to achieve photo-realistic results, and it works with pencils, too. So yay for all the new colors, I can’t wait to try them out!

  9. Joshua Mitchell /

    This is so awesome!! I can’t wait to add them to my 132 set. I’m most excited about the eggshell for portraits and the neon colors for manga drawings. I just love the sap green though, it looks so light, smooth, and soft. Its a great color to be adding to all your other great colors! Thanks for the great new colors!

  10. Thank you! Thank you, for bringing back the decos! Can’t wait to try the indanthrone blue, and I know the eggshell will sure come in handy!

  11. Sylvie /

    Wow! These new colors are all awesome!!! I love cobalt turquoise and indanthrone blue best.

  12. Julie Fraulin /

    There is no one color! I truly must have them all!!!! My granddaughters would have soooo much fun coloring with grandma! Now wouldn’t that be sweet!!!!

  13. Brian C Schlenger /

    Though the contest is over,Eye will try them all out!!!! Eye am very much looking forward to the neons!!!


    A Colorful Brain

  14. Well I’m thrilled they are bringing back the Thio Violet, cad orange, colbalt blue hue, and diox purple, but sure wish they’d also bring back the madder lake and phtholo yellow green hue. Thank you for what you did bring back!

  15. Gail Fleenor /

    Eggshell looks really interesting. You could use it for highlighting rather than the usual white for a whole new impression.

    • El Pastor /

      Nice idea-thanks!

    • Jeanne B /

      Why would you use white for highlights? As I commented above, highlights aren’t white and shadows aren’t black. Highlights are really an extremely pale tint of the complement of the object’s source color (tint = hue + white). Shadows work the same way, only it’s hue + black. And the tints and shadows are warmer tones toward the front and cooler tones the further they recede.

      Take a good look at an orange one day until you’re able to see it. The moment you see it, your mind will be blown when your visual color perception shifts. :-)

  16. Wow! I have so been looking forward to the new colors! I heard about them at the CPSA show this summer and it’s been a long wait. Can’t wait to try them out!

  17. I like eggshell. Looks like it would be great for highlights–better than the usual white.

  18. Wooo hooo Cant wait .. when will they be available?

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Belinda! Keep an eye out in your local art supply stores- they are shipping now and should be there soon! Be sure to request them if you dont see them in the next few weeks :)

  19. Jackson /

    Awesome! the neons and decos are back!! EXCEPT FOR DECO BLUE!!!!! AWWWW. darn. That Deco Blue was/is awesome. Glad to see some of these other colors tho! Excited to have them in my pile!

  20. Sandy Saba /

    I can’t wait to try all of them, especially the blues and the eggshell!! Love getting new colors. Thank you!

  21. Seriously? No Deco Blue or Deco Green?? So let down…:(

    • I agree! I mostly used deco blue for my skies, and not having it anymore and also not getting it BACK is truly disappointing ): I hope they do bring it back soon.

  22. Lesley Rowe /

    Hello – your colours look really good; vibrant, different and inspiring.
    [However, much of the information on the website isn't legible on a Mac. Just thought you'd like to know.]

  23. When will paced like Dick Blick and Jerry’s have them? And will they be available in a new 18 pc set. Is the lightfast ratings the same as before or better?

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Gloria- those retailers will be carrying them, but it never hurts to request them at your individual store! they will be available in the new 150 count set and as individual pencils but there will be no “18 pencil set”. And since these colors have been refreshed they are currently undergoing lightfast ratings. We will announce the results when we recieve them! Thanks for stopping by :)

  24. So glad to get some of these colors back. I ESPECIALLY like the greens and deco pink. Prussian green I am completely out of and I had a large supply when the lightfast were discontinued. I hope that you bring back Terra Rose. PLEASE!!!!! For portraits this is one of the best!

  25. I’m thrilled about the new colors. Now this is just me, but you could’ve skipped the neons and brought back the rest of the deco colors. My favorite was left out – deco orange! For the ones you did bring back – hooray! Thank you :)

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you for brining back those deco colors! I bought several in each color a few years ago when they were discontinued for fear of running out. But my students always want to use mine because they don’t have those colors.

  27. Any chance you will bring deco blue back? Please?

  28. I’m happy to see many of the lightfast colors are back, but I do agree that the deco blue and deco aqua should be included. They are essential for people who do landscapes, like me–AND they are lightfast!

  29. The Indanthrone Blue and Prussian Green are most intriguing, since I use those colors a lot in the realistic pieces. I actually have some of the Deco colors hoarded away in case I just have to use them for blending in the figure pieces, so happy to see those coming back! Oh! Just noted the Cadmium orange and Pomegranate, those will be Great additions as well!

  30. Debra Moore /

    I would like to see all of the deco’s and all of the lightfast one’s brought back. The lightfast ones are just gorgeous.

  31. I’m so thrilled they are bringing back Deco Peach and Pink. I wish they would bring back deco aqua and deco blue. I wish they would bring out a light shade of purple, like a deco purple.

  32. Finally new pencils! Thank you.

    I have a question, rumor has it that the new pencils carry the CA Prop 65 warning label, can you clear this up for us please?

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Toni- Thank you for your comment and for your email! None of the Prismacolor pencils carry the CA Prop 65 warning label. I hope this helps!

      • Thank you Caitlin.

        I have used Prismacolors for 20+ years, I know none of the old colors carried the warning label. As the Administrator at Scribble Talk I thought it would be best to share the correct information with our artists. Perhaps the warning label is a retailer thing?

        Thanks again.

  33. Want, want, want! I hope these will be available for individual purchase, too? Or else a set of just the new colors? I already have the 132 set but you can never have too many options!

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Denise- These new colors will be available to buy as individual pencils and as a part of the new 150 count set!

  34. Virginia /

    I don’t have a blog and don’t subscribe to them. Do you have emails you could send? I would like to know more about art and what is new on the market and learn new techniques.


    • Caitlin /

      Hi Virginia!

      We do send out a newsletter on occasion that you can subsribe to getting via your email. All you need to do is refister at ( to the gallery and be sure to check the box that you are interested in “Receiving updates, specials, promotions and coupons for Prismacolor products.”

      But continue to check back here for the latest tips and techniques and more information about the Prismacolor world, as we update here the most frequently ;)

  35. YAY!! Deco Pink is back!!! I use it in my portrait work and had hoarded a few extra. I am so pleased it is back. I can hardly wait to get the new colours too. I really like the pomegranate. Actually, I can see the new colours will all have a home in my collection. I am very excited about this.

  36. I’m confused. I already have some of these colors. Some of them are from the lightfast series that was discontinued (so I’m grateful they are being introduced in the premier series).

    But I’m not sure how I managed to get some of those other colors, like the neons and some of the decos. My only explanation is that I picked some up from a store that has a lot of discontinued art supplies. Also, I got my first set of Prismas a long time ago!

  37. dean uyeda /

    it is about time that they brought colors back. i must use over 100 colors a drawing and it is a bummer when i no longer have a color i like. bring back deco blue and deco aqua. have about 300 pencils in inventory so i don’t have a meltdown.

  38. Hi I love using my pencils . I am so thrilled to see some lovely new colours especially pinks as I feel the set I bought had so many colour ranges but there was not enough pinks for shading! Can’t wait till there in the shop. Thanks :D

  39. dean uyeda /

    an added note. at one time i requested an update on what prismacolor was going to dc so i could purchase a bunch that i could stash. even sent them some of my works and why i needed this up date. never received any kind of reply. been using prismacolor since 1965
    thanks for this info,

  40. I teach for the local Community College and was disappointed to find out that some of my old stand-by colors had been discontinued. Looks like they are coming back with some additional colors. I am ordering the new pencils today. Thank you

  41. Yeah! I missed the Decos….thanks for bringing them back. And, I am waiting for these pencils to show up at the local Art Store. Thanks!

  42. Our geology customers will be very pleased that the neon colors are back. We are a reseller. When might we expect our wholesalers (such as Alvin) to have stock? Thank you

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Judy! All 18 new colors are shipping now so keep checking back with your wholesaler for availability.

  43. I really wish these were also in the water soluble collection as well. I love the paintable pencils!

  44. I love all the new colors, but especially the new pinks!!! Can’t wait to get them!

  45. So disappointed to see that Deco Blue is not on the list. What was the justification for discontinuing it? Thanks for trying to respond to customer needs.

    • Yeah! Thanks for bringing some back and adding new colors.I agree about deco blue?I wish you brought it back.It was used sometimes in certain skintones and etc.What blue in the collection now that is close to it so it can be used as a substitute?

  46. So exciting! I can’t wait to try them out =) I’m very interested in the deco colors especially.

  47. YAY new colors! I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for some new ones. Will you be adding new marker colors as well?

  48. Jeanne B /

    Thank you for something I can add to my Christmas List!

  49. Alisa Wiles /


  50. Lynn Stribley /

    I am very excited about the new (and old) colors. I do have a problem with the newer prismacolor pencils I’ve gotten – we are having tons of trouble sharpening at our studio. The wood splits more often than not, sometimes the entire length of the pencil. They never used to do this. Any suggestions?

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Lynn! Thanks for your comment, in terms of sharpening your pencils here is a great tutorial from our fine art specialist, Diana.

      And a friendly reminder, all of our products come with a guarantee printed on the back of the package! Hope this helps!

  51. Oooh, the new pinks, Pom. Red and all of the neons and the Caladium orange!! Yummy!

  52. Faye S. /

    SO glad the neons are back! I’ve been hoarding them!

  53. What a great addition to such a superb collection of pencils. When will these new colours be available in Australia?

    • Caitlin /

      I would recommend looking online for an online retailer that will ship internationally! Hope that helps :)

  54. Laura F /

    When I read that some discontinued colors were being re-introduced I hoped that some of them would be the metallic colors, such as metallic green. The thing is, there’s no getting those colors any other way.

    I wonder, will any of these new colors be included in Prismacolor’s watercolor pencil line-up? I, for one, would like to see that happen.

    Finally, as soooo many others have mentioned, I LOVE Deco Blue, and am almost out of my stockpile of it. I, too, wish you had brought it back.

  55. BArb Culp /

    Please bring back Deco Blue!!!!! It is one of the few “must have” colors for skys and landscapes. The new colors are great, especially the sage green.

  56. Thanks for bringing back those useful light colors that are so good for glazing and toning. The new lineup looks great. I was wondering when you’d expand to fill the big tin.

    Now please put the 18 new colors in their own tin for those of us that bought the previous Big Set… the new big tin is lovely but I still like getting a New Colors tin. With great art on it of course!

    • Vikki King /

      Ibid on that comment. even just a cardboard box would be acceptable.

    • Caitlin /

      Thank you so much for the suggestion! Right now we are offering them as open stock and as a part of the brand new 150 count set with new beautiful art!

  57. Glad you are bringing Deco Pink back!!! Love the Deco peach and yellow too. And love the Cobalts. Where is Deco Blue??? Bring back Deco Blue please.

  58. Kristina /

    I have a 1 cm long stub of my favorite discontinued Prismacolor–Yellow Green Light, from the 1980s, I think. I save it for emergencies.

  59. Kristina /

    I have a 1 cm stub of my favorite discontinued Prismacolor–Yellow Green Light, from the 1980s, I think. I save it for emergencies.

  60. Vikki King /

    Thank you Prismacolor for re-releasing most of the decos!!!! The only color I will now still miss is #999 bright blue violet, well deco blue too a little….but I would give them up to have the decos you re-released back. –Vikki

    • Demetrio /

      I completely agree with you on Bright Blue Violet as that was perhaps the most awesome color around. I must say though that the Cobalt Blue they added is relatively close to it. Now if they were to re-introduce that color along with Bright Violet and Deco Blue…they would be in business.

  61. I can certainly buy them individually, but too bad they aren’t being offered as a set. Would make a nice Christmas gift.

  62. How about bringing the raw umber that was like a brown that was in the old art stix. It would be great if you could bring it back once again in art stix.! Ive been asking for years!

  63. Annalisa /

    So happy the neons are back. I used those a lot with my portrait work on wood and linen!

  64. I like two of the new greens and I also like the cobalt turquoise..very cool..Im a student studying to become a graphic designer and this is new stuff to play with! ;)

  65. Felicitaciones y gracis por la creacion de los nuevos colores,ustedes son los mejores del mundo y he ido creciendo con creatividad y la ayuda imaginaria de colores tan intensos y brillantes. Exitos siempre

  66. I was disappointed to not see all the decos back as well! I loved Deco Blue and Deco Orange… though the Pink was my very favorite of that set.

    Blick shows a release date of 12/6 on the pencils, BTW.

  67. marium /

    omg new colours, i’m definitely gonna need the other 18 colours, i’ve already got 132 of them,

  68. Is there an updated color chart?

  69. Kathleen O'Connell /

    You are always expanding the Prismacolor Pencil line colors. When will you expand the color offerings for the Verithin pencils? Many artists, myself included, love the harder leads and the subtly beautiful drawing that can be achieved with these pencils, but instead of expanding the available colors for the Verithin Pencils, they have been reduced over the years! please consider expanding the Verithin color range, Please!

    • Andrea Davis /

      YES YES YES, Finally somebody else who feels the same way!!

      Everything she said! I’m a photo realism portrait artist, and I NEED the harder Verithin lead to get razor sharp detail.Please, AT LEAST offer them in ALL the warm red,orange,yellow,brown tones for doing portraits. In a perfect world, they should be offered in a complete 132 – 150 set.

      • Kaitlin /

        I feel the same way. The soft pencils are just too soft for fine detailing and the Verithins do a wonderful job of keeping the drawing from becoming a huge blur.

  70. How’s about mix green and blue into one as teal? :(

    Green peacock and blue peacock aren’t that easy if you want to fill them in one as teal but the dots will show some of green and blue. It’s not easy…. Teal is plain and perfect that’s what I want. :(

  71. Forgot to mention, please bring back deco orange. I used this color for a main flesh tone on black stonehenge. Also please bring back metallics. I was lucky enough to buy a huge stock pile of metallics when a local art store was going out of biz, but I’ve already ran out of Metallic Blue. I so miss, DECO BLUE, DECO ORANGE, and METALLICS. Like I said before, a deco purple added would add a gap with the purples.

  72. Sienna /

    I am really happy to see some of my favorite colors from the discontinued lightfast series make it to the standard Prismacolor Premier line. However, I would have liked to see the Ivory Oxide from the lightfast added as well. Its lighter than the cream and I have yet to find and equal.

  73. I would like to know if some of these new colors are part of the 48 lightfast I bought already. You keep saying you can buy these new pencils separate but never tell us where that I can see. I have tons of penicls and would like to only buy the 18 new colors if that is what they really are. Thanks for posting this Lots of ideas. Love Prismacolored pencils

    • LaRae, art supply stores are gradually getting them in stock. In the meantime you can have your favorite store special-order them. That’s what my husband did to give me the new colors for Christmas! Dick Blick has them online, too.

  74. Hi, I just got these colors in the 150 set for an early Christmas present and am about to try them out tonight on typography homework. I am working on my BS in graphic design so I love my prismacolors and this would be an upgrade from my set of 72. Because I got this new set I am passing my set of 72 off to a talented young artist whose family does not have the money for a set for him for Christmas. Thank you prismacolor for the holiday gift of wonderful colors and for enabling me to share and encourage talent in others!

  75. WHEN??????????????????????????????

  76. I wish that Deco Blue had made it back. I love that color so much. I find it depressing that I can’t find it.

  77. Where the store that I’m looking for Cobat Turoquoise?

  78. On the Prismacolor website there used to be a PDF one could download and print and shade in to make a color chart of all the colors. I can’t find it anymore, and I’d like to make one for my 150 set. I number each swatch and then stick a label with the same number on my pencils so it’s very easy to find that pencil. Where can I get an updated copy of this PDF chart?

  79. Also, please bring back Deco Aqua! Im down to my last one!!!

  80. I’ve been using Prismacolor since my Dad bought me my first 16 pencil set back in the mid-90′s, and I’ve always loved them! Every now and then out of curiosity I’ll try a different brand, Rose Art or Crayola, just to remind myself why I stick to Prismacolor. Since that first 16 pencil set, I’ve now graduated to the 132 color set (The new 150 colors is a tad expensive for me right now), and I can’t wait to try the new colors!

  81. Hi,

    If there are any classics I’d like to see return to the Prismacolor thick-leaded and Verithin thin-leaded lineup, here is my hot sheet:

    990 Yellow Bice
    991 Light Yellow Green
    998 Bright Violet
    999 Bright Blue Violet

    740-1/2 Sky Blue (don’t know if current Peacock Blue, also 740-1/2, matches)
    746 Sienna Brown (don’t know if current Dark Brown, also 746, matches)
    756 Dark Brown (don’t know if current Dark Umber, also 756, matches)

    Thank you,

    Benjamin “Ben” Edge

    • me too! It never seems that there are any new verithin colors? I don’t know what’s up with that, but these are colors that I have bought in bulk when they discontinued them.

      Debby Tripp

  82. So… It’s now April, and the yummy new colours are nowhere to be found in open stock in Canada. What’s up with that?

  83. Here is my list of the colors to bring back in the future:

    All of the neons and the metallic tones (all of these except for Metallic Copper were originally introduced in 1990):
    PC951 – Metallic Copper
    PC1035 – Neon Yellow
    PC1036 – Neon Orange
    PC1037 – Neon Red
    PC1038 – Neon Pink
    PC1039 – Neon Green
    PC1040 – Electric Blue
    PC1041 – Steel
    PC1042 – Metallic Violet
    PC1043 – Metallic Rose
    PC1044 – Metallic Maroon
    PC1045 – Metallic Purple
    PC1046 – Metallic Jade
    PC1047 – Metallic Tile Blue
    PC1048 – Metallic Green
    PC1049 – Metallic Blue

    All of these classics (all discontinued after 1990):
    PC990 – Yellow Bice
    PC991 – Light Yellow Green
    PC998 – Bright Violet
    PC999 – Bright Blue Violet

    Thank you,

    Ben Edge

    • It would be great to see each year all new colors include all the new and old colors. It would be nice to have a list of the colors that are going to be discontinued so we could buy the ones that are left.

      Debby Tripp

    • I hope to gos Primsacolor comes back out with all the neon colors. My uncle just passed away a few years ago and i got all his old neon colors. He was a very very talented artist and he loved his neon colors. Now i use his old pencils, but they dont make them anymore… Ive only got less than an inch on 3 yellow pencils, and only 2 orange ones about the same size… I love using them to death… i hope so bad they release them again…

    • Hannah /

      I know I absolutely love neon prismacolor

  84. Cassie B Moore /

    I just bought a bunch of Prismacolor Colored Pencils from Luckily I saw this before I did my online shopping! I was able to add most of the new colors to my collection. My only problem? I have just a few too many pencils now, not all of them fit in my case!

    Love the new colors! Wondering what will be coming next!

  85. ZOMG! Pomegranate! That is an awesome new name for that color…

  86. nicki r. /

    See!!! Lack of emphasis on art stix. Only the pencils. We need a light regular brown for the art stix. In the past when Berol was a part of prisma they had a Raw umber-1952. Why is it that hard to add a light brown to your art stix. You have a regular light brown with your pencils. ) :

  87. Hannah /

    This is awesome

  88. Grace /

    Please, Please bring back deco and metallics pencils…I really miss my deco blue…

  89. Champagne /

    I wish they would come out with Flourescent colors, or Pearlescent, Iridescent, or Metallic-Neon colors!!! They shoyld make Interference colors too!!!

  90. Tameka /

    I wish they would come out with Flourescent colors, or Pearlescent, Iridescent, or Metallic-Neon colors!!! They shoyld make Interference colors too!!!

  91. colby burns /

    were are the other neon like blue green and red? they used to have them but got rid of them i want those back please ive been buying these pensils for almost 10 years now and have slivers of whats left of the old neons just to save them for when i really need them

  92. Hi

    I worked hard … and I got all the colors prismacolor known!
    my color palette is 195 … very beautiful very cute …

    Very happy with my colors

    • Miriah Manuel /

      Lucky!!! I’ve been working on doing the same thing but its slow going. (I’ve only got 91 :(. ) would you be willing to make a list (along with the PC numbers) of all of them? I’d really appreciate it!!

      Thanks either way,


  93. Do those neon colors fluoresce under black light? I’ve been experimenting with Neon Sharpies and would love to have something that had a finer point for details.


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