Art of Organization

Dec 09

Art of Organization

While you pour your soul into CREATING amazing works of art WITH our products could you imagine displaying the tools themselves AS art?!

Japanese company, Felissimo,  is doing just that… using the brillance of the color spectrum and colored pencils to BE art rather than create art!

How inspiring would this be on your walls!? Now, the thought of locking away your favorite Prismacolors on your wall when they are much better served UNlocking your passions is terrifying;  BUT, now there’s no need when you can inspire your creative spirit with this!


  1. That is incredible! I love it! My pencils are constantly being moved around. I would prefer something like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love this idea. I would like something like this to hold my Prismacolor pencils. I’ve seen lots of good ideas on the net…

  3. Prismacolor is my dreaming pencils.. hope someday I will know to use it for my drawing..
    **meanwhile I was using rare black pencils, now

  4. If I did this I’d need 2 sets exactly the same so I could have one set to actually work with and another to look at!!!!!

  5. erin /

    Beautiful as art. Seems useless for storage. My pencils spend 5 minutes full size and the rest of their short life would be impossible to reach. Also Prismacolor pencils fade in the sun. But as art I love it!!

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