Feel The Rush With BRUSH!

Apr 17

Feel The Rush With BRUSH!

Get ready to feel the rush with our brand NEW Brush|Fine Art markers! We are THRILLED to introduce this newest gem to the Prismacolor family!

Two tips, 152 brilliant colors and unlimited possibilities lie ahead of you with these new markers from Prismacolor, just click here to find out more.

We added an extra dash of artistic freedom to our already brilliant line of art markers with the brand new brush tip, ideal for creating thick, thin, or varied lines with a single stroke; the only limit is your imagination! It is truly the ultimate tool for fashion, design, and hobby applications; and just like the Chisel|Fine markers these bad boys feature a small fine tip on the other, perfect for detail work and come in the 152 magnificent colors that you have grown to love!

We also added a new anti-roll cap to help you keep your markers right where you want ‘em, even on slanted work tables.  Finally, so you can see exactly what you’re working with the label colors are color matched to ink colors for quick and easy identification.

Same trusted ink, same brilliant colors, brand new way to feel the rush of uninhibited art!

Have you tried these bad boys out yet?! Tell us what you think and leave a comment!




  1. Stephanie Jimenez /

    I just wigged out a little hearing about these! I’m obsessed with my ever expanding collection of Prismacolor markers and cannot wait to try these! Mind is blown.

  2. Diana /

    I love these brush tip markers!!!
    I only have a small set now, but I am looking forward to trying all of the colors- they blend so easily!!! Love. Love. Love them!

  3. Henry Scurry /

    Hello…..I am wondering if you all are going to put out more marker colors.

  4. Rebecca /

    These markers seem pretty cool. I LOVE flexible brush tips and the great quality inks, so OF COURSE I’d want to purchase them! However-the problem is- I just can’t find these markers anywhere locally in my area. I live in near Houston, Texas and the closest arts and crafts stores in my area are Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Please HELP!

  5. Randy /

    I love these. I bought a cool grey pack today at Michaels but noticed that only 4 of the 12 markers had anti-roll caps, should I be concerned? I feel like they could have been returned and re-shelfed with used markers.

  6. Tracie /

    I’ve looked all over your site and I can’t find a color chart “blank” to fill in the color markers that I have and ones I will want to purchase. I need a blank chart and a color chart. I found the color chart on the Home page but, that seems to be set up for what colors come in what size box you purchased. I purchased them individually. Did I miss it somewhere? If not will you be making one?

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Tracie! The color charts are available on each product page for their respective products (Colored Pencils,Art Markers and Pastels). The Marker chat is available here: http://www.prismacolor.com/Style%20Library/PrismaColor/media/promotions/PrismacolorMarkerChart.pdf I hope that helps!

      • Tracie /

        Caitlin, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I found the chart. Can I make a suggestion. Once I color in the markers I have so I know exactly what the color looks like I can no longer see the name of the marker. I see you also show the number but any chance you can 1. make the open space bigger to show more color and 2. move the name outside the area? I think it is really clever the way you show the empty marker but it doesn’t leave as much room for the marker color. This is where I should say I love these markers and am well on my way of buying everyone of them. I already love the color pencils. Thanks for listening.

  7. I can’t wait to get some these markers! I’m a huge fan of Prismacolor pencils, they saved a lot of my artwork and helped me fix lots of mistakes. I work with lots of ink, paint and pencil. Visit my website and let me know if you’re interested in buying anything!

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