Allow Me To Introduce…

Jun 27

Allow Me To Introduce…
Whoo! Its been crazy over here in Prismacolor-land;  launching our new Brush|Fine Art Markers, travelling across the country with the Sketchbook Project and now gearing up to head out to beautiful San Diego for Comic Con in just a few weeks, the poor blog is need of some major love!
Don’t fret though, because we are back with all kinds of wonderful things to share with you, so stay tuned.
IN the meantime we have an AMAZING new intern, Ms. Samantha DeCarlo, an incredibly talented artist from right here in Chicago, who is going to popping onto the blog over the next few weeks as a guest  blogger! She is recent graduate from the American Academy of Art and we are absolutely tickled to have her to offer her fresh perspective and talent to the Prismacolor team!
Samantha, the blog is all yours…

As a recent graduate from the American Academy of Art, I have been exposed to a plethora of media ranging from charcoal to watercolors; however nothing provides me more satisfaction than my pens. Since I was 5, I have loved drawing more than any other art form, and with me I always carried my Prismacolor markers. My father embraced my passion for art during my early childhood and never hesitated to buy the best product for me, thus I was the only 5th grader carrying a full set of double- ended Prismacolor markers, including the colorless blender!

Throughout high school, I filled my schedule with art courses and extra figure drawing classes in the evening to hone my skill. Ultimately, I decided this was how I wanted to spend my life: drawing. I talked to my AP Art teacher, and he suggested the American Academy of Art in Chicago if I wanted to study drawing, specifically Illustration. It was the best advice I ever received.

Upon entering college, I was ready to try every medium thrown at me. Surprisingly, however, my ink drawings always ended up as the most fulfilling projects. I reveled the way the different inks blended so smoothly together to create seamless gradients. The brightness of the pigment brought whatever I drew to life. The final products looked like velvet from how even the pens worked.
I loved the product so much that when junior year of college hit, I could think of no other career than to work for the product I used in nearly every piece. While my classmates all buzzed about becoming famous freelance illustrators, that route just didn’t interest me. I wanted to be constantly surrounded my creative people, and what better place to be than where the creativity begins, with THE MARKER!

Now that I am out of school, I intern for Prismacolor. I get to be a part of something that originally inspired me to be who I am today. Hopefully through my work here I can inspire another young artist to follow their dreams and make the world a more colorful place.

We are so lucky to have such passion and enthusiasm with us and can’t wait to see what all Sam has in store for us!
Stay tuned for more posts from Sam and in the meantime, get to know her by checking out her blog and following her on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Carol Luc /

    Hi Sam,
    Great to see you blogging for your favorite product. It’ll be fun to see how the blog evolves. Good luck on this new endeavor!
    Carol Luc

  2. So good to hear you are doing well Sam! You were always a huge inspiration to me,and the PRISMACOLOR team is lucky to have some of the best talent from our school! =] Keep on Keepin on!


  3. MelodyJ /

    Great art work!

  4. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing more from you. Steven

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