An Interview with Steven Broadway

Jul 10

An Interview with Steven Broadway

This week the Prismacolor team is heading back to San Diego for  Comic Con! We couldn’t be more excited (imagine jumping beans all over the office) to get there and meet all of the AH-mazing artists that are attending and share our new Brush|Fine markers with the Comic Con community! To kick us off we wanted to give you all an inside scoop on the new markers while introducing you to one of OUR favorite artists, Steven Broadway, fashion extraordinaire and recently, Prismacolor movie star!

Steven recently shared his talent and amazing knowledge with us as one of our talented artists who filmed tutorial videos for the new Brush|Fine markers AND even sat down to talk about how he finds inspiration for his truly inspiring fashion designs!

Keep that mouse a’scrollin’ to read the Q&A and check out Steven’s tutorial!

The ever-fashionable, Steven Broadway!

Art is any form of human expression, be it words, 2D or 3D imagery. What defines “good’ vs. “bad’ art is based on personal taste that is defined by one’s life experience, awareness and education. The variety of choices people make in defining their exterior in NYC continually inspires me. It’s a powerfully conscious/unconscious non-verbal communication.

How did you start working as an artist? How do you get the creative juices flowing?

I studied Illustration at Parsons in NYC, but have drawn, painted and designed ever since I was a child. Being around other talented, productive people is always inspiring.

What’s your favorite “effect” you create in your work? OR Best art tip you ever got?

It’s fun when people react favorably to an image I have created and find themselves attracted to the people and the clothing that I have imagined and drawn.

Best tip:

Know when to stop working on a piece.

Best advice you ever received?

Never be afraid to be yourself….trust your instincts.

Can you tell us about your “process” for creating a new collection or piece?

Finding something or someone to get excited over is the…be that a color, texture, pattern, shape, fabric or a particular person with a specific look & attitude to use as a muse.

What’s your favorite part of this job/ creative process?

Knowing that  I can create an image that can inspire others….as countless artists have done for me.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

To extend time to  experience every aspect of the creative process longer…and to have more energy to work even longer.

You recently shot an amazing video tutorial featuring our new Brush|Fine Art Markers. Do you have any tips for getting the hang of Brush|Fine Art Markers that you would like to share?

Practice Practice Practice! Play with those markers and find your own unique way to use them.

Do you ever show your work to others before its finished? Are you ever self-conscious about your work?

Sometimes I’m not quite ready to share a work in progress.

What is your dream job?

To  continue traveling and inspiring people thru Art and Design education and awareness…and being inspired by meeting extraordinary-ordinary people.

Favorite Prismcolor product:

Prismacolor markers and color pencils.

Finish this sentence: “ I am…”

I am happy to promote  Prismacolor  Consciousness!


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  1. Jennifer Buck /

    Steven kept pointing out that you should handle the brush tip markers (or any art supply) delicately so you don’t wear them out. Probably good advice, but I abuse my brush tips a lot, and they are totally up to the challenge. I’ve had them since they first came out, and after constant use (even used up some colors!) the tips are still like new. Too bad they’re not re-fillable.

    I wish I hadn’t bought so many of the old wedge-tip markers because I like the brush tip so much better. And thanks Prismacolor for putting a fine tip on the other end instead of a wedge tip!

    I would like to see some articles and vids showing color blending techniques. These markers are amazingly blendable, especially with the new brush tip that is great for “feathering” your strokes.

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