We Are All Ears

Sep 07

We Are All Ears

Prismacolor recently hosted the 2nd annual Prismacolor Advisory Council Meeting in downtown Chicago, where a group of our most passionate and vocal artists came to visit and let us pick their brands about all things art and the future of Prismacolor!

Our Advisory Council is a group of 11 advocates from all over the country who care deeply about art, are a  part of the artist community, and who want to help Prismacolor strive for further success within the art world. Rather than focus on what Prismacolor is doing right now, we ask them to help us decide where Prismacolor should be going in the years to come. Each of the 11 artists has a unique perspective and their expertise span across Prismacolor’s wide array of products and we love their willingness and openess to tell it to us straight!

From upcoming trends, the role of art in the social space to what they want to see in the product line-up; the group is an invaluable resource and the team was thrilled to have a chance to sit down with some of our most passionate fans!


A huge thanks to all of the team members  who helped make this year’s meeting a success!  And check out Council Member, Brian Sauerland’s (whose lovely hand and work-in-progress is featured in the first photo – thanks for being our model Brian!) first-hand account of the experience!

DO you have ideas on how we can make the blog and other Prismacolor social properties better?? Let us know!


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