Who is “TheBoyWhoDraws”?

Jan 24

Who is “TheBoyWhoDraws”?

As I, myself, began trying to grow a presence in the social media world, I stumbled upon 20-year old artist TheBoyWhoDraws, an alias that instantly attracted me on Instagram. As a sophomore at Wayne State University in Michigan, he has already gained 23 thousand followers, and he only follows 40! Thus, this lead to me realize, this kid knows a thing or two about marketing his art. I felt compelled to reach out and see if I could pick his brain for some helpful tips.

Reveal the Secret…

What is your real name?

My real name is David Kakos

Why use an alias?

The alias was kind of spur of the moment! I created it early on as a joke, and it just kind of stuck.

On Instagram, you have 23K followers, yet you only follow 48 people. How did you gain such a large following?

When I first started I used hashtags sparingly, the likes were primarily from when I’d get on the pop Page or my current following liking my work when I posted them! Many months ago, Instagram was a different place. I made it to the popular page many times, and I think this contributed to my overall following. Interacting with the art community was something I enjoyed doing as well. Also, posting quality pictures helps!

What tips would you have for fellow artists trying to generate a fan base?

I would say to create what moves you, hopefully it will move other people. When something is made with emotion it often can be felt, and people are drawn to that. You want to attract the right kind of people as well. People who can give constructive feedback and help you grow as an artist!

Who is your inspiration?

Everything and everyone has the potential to inspire me. I like to keep an open mind and find beauty in all sorts of places.


What steps would you encourage artists to follow to gain an online presence?

Have quality content. Network with the artistic community. Interact with followers. Update often. These are probably the most crucial steps. (At least for Instagram!)

What is the next step for you?

Artistically, portrait art. It’s always been something I’ve put off learning the correct way so I’m hoping to develop that side of me.

Finish this sentence, “I am…”



To follow David on instagram, just look up TheBoyWhoDraws or visit his fan page on facebook.


Written by guest author Samantha DeCarlo

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