Celebrate 75 Years with Us…

Feb 28

Celebrate 75 Years with Us…

Can you believe its been 75 YEARS since Prismacolor started its creative journey!? Personally I don’t think we look a day over brand-spanking new… a few packaging refreshers never hurt anyone right!?

Check out where we’ve been AND where we are going next…

In honor of our 75th anniversary we wanted share a look back at the creative tools that started it all and see just how far we have come over the past 3/4 of a century…



From new colors to entirely new products, one thing remains the same and that’s you!  Our look has changed over the last 75 years, but the unbelievable talent we see from the artists who use our products and our undying commitment to your feeding your passion will never change.

Thank you for 75 amazing, inspiring and creative years; we can’t wait to celebrate another 75! Now, be sure to keep checking back for more surprises and celebrations over the year– we have big things in store and can’t wait to share them with all of you!



  1. Diana /

    Happy Anniversary Prismacolor!

    • Shelley Minnis /

      Shelley Minnis…Congratulations on 75 great years…and many more to come!

  2. Aries /

    Congratulations on 75 years! I use Prismacolors exclusively and some if my pencils are 30 years old! Here’s to many more years of color!

  3. Congrats Prismacolor!

  4. Stefan /

    You have come far, but you still have not come overseas to Europe. Shame.

    Maybe in the next 75 years (after that I won’t bother much anymore ;-) )

  5. Happy Birthday, Prismacolor!
    I love your colored pencils – started with their sisters Karismacolor more than 20 years ago. :)

  6. I just started doing colors and I only bought from you a few weeks ago, but I can’t believe how good these colors are! Happy 75!!!!

  7. Suzanne Marcil /

    Thanks Prismacolor for all those beautiful colors that I love!

  8. Javier Benitez /


    celebrate its 75th anniversary, again Fabrin discontinued colors!

    PC985 – Salmon
    PC990 – Yellow Bice
    PC991 – Light Yellow Green
    PC998 – Bright Violet
    PC999 – Bright Blue Violet
    PC1010-Deco Orange


    • Mike Johansen /

      If offered for sale discontinued colors!
      all in one package! PC985, 990, 991, 998 and 999

      happy Anniversary
      I love prismacolor

    • Scott Mcbride /

      Yes Please ….

      I’ve spent years looking for the colors Pc990, Pc991, Pc998 and Pc999
      produscanlos again

      please! Prismacolor

    • Javier Benitez /


      Finally, I have a Prismacolor PC985 – Salmon!!

      • Javier Benitez /

        Recently got two colors, Pc991 and Pc999 … finally!!
        Need Pc990 and Pc998 colors …. help Caitlin

        A great year, thanks prismacolor

  9. I have been using Prismacolor pencils my entire professional life and I still love them. I’m looking forward to another 75 years! I would like to see a photo or two of what the pencils looked like back then.

  10. theresa pell /

    Enjoy my prismacolor water color and soft core pencils. How do I get the new colors?

  11. theresa pell /

    Enjoy my Prismacolor water color pencils. How do I get the new colors?

  12. Marissa yzaguirre /

    Congratulations on 75 wonderful years!! I absolutely fell in love with premier prismacolor pencils a couple years back and I have been slowly collecting all the prismacolors I can ever since! I just love the rich colors and amazing quality of the pencils. I am addicted for life! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!!

  13. Happy Birthday prismacolor pencils. We have spent many good hours together and produced some very nice pencil drawings. Especially hockey pictures. I try to keep up with the new colors and I thank you for all those happy hours.

  14. I’ve been using Prismacolor for about 25 of those 75. Thank you and congrats!

  15. Howard /

    I still have a 12 set of eagle/prismacolor with the clear folding case and yellow paper cover my father bought for me in about 1959.

  16. So happy to have made a great deal of art work with Prismcolor pencils. In these 75 years color pencil art has come to be respected as a fine art medium. It lends itself to mixed media application. Love the colors, love using the product and on to the next adventure!

  17. I love, lve, love my pencils, dry and watercolor, markes, nu-pastels, and art sticks!!! Did I miss anything? Congrats, keep up the great work! mw

  18. I’ve been using Prismacolor pencils from a very young age and, to this day, they are still my most favourite pencils. The range of colours is superb and the creaminess of the lead is wonderful. Congratulations to Prismacolor on your seventy-fifth anniversary and here’s to many, many more in the years ahead. I look forward to more colours to explore even greater artistic creations.

  19. My first colored pencils were Eagle Prismacolors, then Berol Prismacolors, and current. Have tried many other mediums, but always back to colored pencils. I’ve been confused in recent years by different categories you’ve offered, and most recently disapointed by quality since production went south, but faithfully using my old stock and hoping for more good years. Would prefer higher production standards over new products. Can’t promise to be with you for all the next 75 years, but I’ll do my best! :-)

  20. Congratulation, Guys!!

    That Your Colors keeping more colors in ours lifes!!! Thank You For All!!!

    Many Carioca Kisses,

    Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Prismacolor pencils, I have been using them to create artwork for over 12 years now. Thank you for such a quality product. I have also doscovered a new way to apply prisma’s in a very soft glaze.

    A big ‘thumbs up’ for all your great new colors. I come from 3 generations of artists & we are giving you a ‘thumbs down’ on your new tins – we all loved the tiered boxes *(all 16 of us). We each have our own sets of the pencils & love then…but beg for a chouce of packaging, please?

  23. Oh how I LOVE Prismacolor! Recently, I was cleaning out my mom’s linen/toy/wrapping paper/gift bag closet, and came across my old pencil crayon woven basket! And what did I find? VINTAGE PRISMAS! And they work like they ARE brand-spanking new!

  24. nicki r. /

    Again after years of asking. I believe there should be more of an emphasis on your art stix. The pencils are great. But please!! You still lack a regular brown. A light umber or a sand brown! Not dark or red browns. Art stix are as important as the pencils. And to some there livelihood.

  25. Congratulations for long t’aime helminthiques artists, students and children find their paths to Art

  26. Karen /

    I have loved and used Prismacolor for 35 years in my art classes, and only use Prismacolor for my own work. Way to go! Can’t do without you, and my students love your products! Congrats on 75!!!!

  27. Happy Birthday Prismie!I’ve used these for the past 41 years and intend to keep usin ‘em!Lets grow old together Prismie!

  28. Andrea Grace /

    Happy 75th anniversary Prismacolor!!! The only colored pencils I will ever buy, they are truley the best quality!!!!

  29. Thanks Prismacolor for a great product! Keep up the good work!

  30. helene landry /

    félicitaitons à Prismacolor pour leur 75 ieme anniversaire!
    j’adore les couleurs et je m’en sers souvent

  31. Susan /

    Prismacolor used to be made in USA. No longer. Why?
    The quality is lower. Wood softer and I do not like made in Mexico.

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Susan-

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Our colored pencils are manufactured in Mexico at our state of the art facility and we use the exact same recipes/formulations that we did when we produced in our US facility. We recently moved “offices” so you may see some older sets that still say made in the U.S.A.

      If you have had an issue with one of our products, please know that all of our products are guaranteed as stated on the back of every package and we are more than happy to help you further if you reach out to us directly via the number and email on your pack!

      Thanks for being a fan!

  32. If so, why do so many users find problems with the current manufactured pencils? What if users order open-stock as many more professional users do? There is no number on open stock.

  33. can you please make a 200 pack for every type of prisma pencils

  34. Emily /

    It’s such a shame how the quality of Prismacolors have taken a downturn. As Eagle Prismacolors and Berol Prismacolors they were sturdy and smooth…they were well-bonded and hardly ever broke. As Sanford Prismacolors and Prismacolors there seems to be more wax in the leads, the wood casings are softer, and they break more often when sharpening. I’ve had to phase my collection out and have since turned to better quality, more reliable brands.

    • Caitlin /

      Hi Emily- Thanks for reaching out and letting us know you have had an issue with one of products! All of our products are guaranteed and if you have experienced any issues at all with your colored pencils (or any product) we would be more than happy to help you with that! Would you please send me a message using Contact US feature on the blog so I can speak to you further about your experience? Thank you and thanks for reaching out!

      – Caitlin

  35. Sam FlaxSeed /

    I Found an unused pack of Prisma Color Pencils When eagle made them…. Classic Still work….

  36. Demetrio /

    The pencils are awesome and they still continue to amaze. All you really need now is a Coral and Mauve color and I think you would have rounded out your entire color pencil line perfectly.

  37. Wilfredy Brisman /

    Congratulations on your 75th anniversary, I hope you always keep innovating and susproductos are always of good quality …

  38. Jeremy Leon /

    Congratulations on 75 amazing years, I just received my Prismacolor premiere 72 Set yesterdays on colored pencils, and I must say I immediately fell in love with them, :D Ill support all the amazing high quality products you guys bring to us in the next 1/4 of a century

  39. What a true accomplishment! Congrats!

    I have just recently reached a Prismacolor mile marker of my own.

    5 years of using Prismacolor Premiere soft core, Verithin pencils, and art sticks as of June of this year! Before that, I had no clue what brands of colored pencils were available. Glad I asked around before diving in and making my first purchase. I have not been disappointed.

    I have, during that time, tried other brands of colored pencils, but, have not found one I like better yet!

    I do have to admit to buying another brand of pastels, but, only because I prefer them in a pencil form. Any chance Prismacolor will start producing those? Come on….you can do it!

    Thank you for making products that help brighten and color my world with every stroke!

    Miss A.

  40. Jose A. Justiniano /

    the pencils are incredible and very good in blending.

  41. the pencils blending are terrific.

  42. I shave a collection of Prismacolor from the 1950′s. my mother was friends with a girl who’s mother worked at the factory. This was when they we manufactured in Virginia.

  43. Would love to see a special edition of 75th anniversary colors! I want a ball cap with 75th anniversary special event souvenir! Congrats!

  44. Jennifer Buck /

    About 15 years ago, I was a concept artist for a computer game company, and my boss bought every artist a huge set of Prismacolor pencils – they came in a stand-up box with three tiers of colors. I still have them (though have used some up). Before that, I worked at an art store and bought one new Prismacolor pencil every time I worked until I had the entire collection. Most of mine were made by Berol, and they are the smoothest, most blendible pencil I have ever found. I have no brand-loyalty. I buy any brand, but nothing compares to my Prismas. Now I’m in love with the brush tip markers too. I like the markers better than my Copics. If only they were re-fillable because I keep using them up! Also – try the Prismacolor fine tip illustration markers for details and outlines. They are the best of the best, and the color doesn’t fade like some brands.

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