UI/UX Design – Making Pixels Happy

Feb 19

UI/UX Design – Making Pixels Happy

The UI or User Interface design is the special part of a product that faces the user when looking at the site, while the UX or the User Experience is the sensation, the feeling users get when they look at the site. To get into more detail, User Experience is the sum of aspects resulting from the interaction of an individual with a certain IT system, interface, industrial design, graphics or a physical type of interaction. Classic human-computer interaction is normally part of the User Experience design, along with the insertion of all the aspects of the products/services as they are perceived by the users. The feeling normally needs to be one of encouragement, stimulation to purchase the services or products, or get in touch with the company, small business managers, or freelancer for similar purposes.


Brief User Experience History

Ergonomics and various human factors are some of the main triggering factors of user experience design. It was given birth to sometime in the 1940s and it has ever since focused on the type of special interaction between machines and people. Systems that can successfully address users’ experiences were required and hence developed and the spread of workplace computers in the ‘90s threw an even greater deal of importance. The name Donald Norman is important to remember in relation to user experience design, as he was the pioneer of the field.   


Important User Experience Components

The information age has risen beautifully and therefore some of the main components of UE design rely on user experience digital systems and their building blocks. Graphic design, UI degree of attractiveness, and the emotions of users are all components of UE.  

Graphic design is the aesthetics of the front-end of the User Interface graphics treatment of the interface. Colors and images, lines, symbols, and everything in between are used to convey a certain message to the viewers/website visitors. The most skilled and experienced of graphic designers know just what sort of elements to insert within their work so they can create just the effects they need.  


Findability And Structuring

Products and services need to be highly visible and easily findable on any well-built website. This is why one needs to carefully structure and organize all relevant information with the help of information architecture. All images and documents, software apps and web sites represent the type of information that lies between data and knowledge in the field of information architecture.

Proper structuring means the creation of building units that encompass information. These units are carefully related to one another and grouped in a way that has a certain meaning. The use of labels is necessary to speed up the time required to find the right kind of information and to navigate more easily. Findability is also critical for information architecture. Users need to be able to discover the information they are searching for without having to browse, get in touch with customer support or, or search.

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