How-To: Create Decorative Eggs with Nupastels

Mar 15

How-To: Create Decorative Eggs with Nupastels

Looking for a fun project to help liven up your space for Spring? This fun and simple tutorial will show you how to use Nupastels in a new way to help create Spring decorations!

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What you’ll need:

  • Nupastels, either a set (our sets range from 12-96 pastels) or individual colors of your choice, for this tutorial I used lighter shades to stick with the Spring theme
  • A metal blade or plastic knife
  • A few disposable cups or plastic containers, filled with water
  • Paper towels
  • Premier Brush|Fine Art Markers in pastel colors like Pink (PB-8), Cerulean Blue (PB-126), and Canary Yellow (PB-19)
  • Egg shapes cut from a variety of papers (I created an egg pattern for tracing & cutting the egg shape)

To create my egg pattern, I first used a circle cutter and cut a circle from copy paper. Then I folded it in half and drew half an egg shape to help guide my scissors.  Unfold, and voila! You have your egg pattern to help guide you in creating more eggs on different papers.

After you get all your eggs cut out and ready to go, lay down a paper towel and place your water cup on top, as things may get a little messy! Then, choose a pastel from your color assortment and rub the edge of your blade or knife along the side, scraping pigment into the water cup.

Depending on preference, you can add multiple colors into one water cup to create unique color blends, or you can use separate water cups to stick with one shade at a time.

Then, dip your egg into the cup. You now have colored your first egg! Lay it out on a paper towel for drying.

Continue this process and mix up your color assortments. Remember, you can always pour out the water and start over if you don’t like the way an egg turned out.


Here are some of the eggs I created:



After your eggs are completely dry, you can decorate them with Premier Brush|Fine Art Markers. Try creating unique designs on top of your colored paper. The Brush|Fine Art Markers will help you create strokes like a paint brush.


Once you’re completely finished designing your eggs, there are many ways you can use them. You can hide them around the house (tape a dollar to the back for a more aggressive egg hunt). Or, you could hole punch the top and add a decorative ribbon or cord to make name tags for Easter baskets.


You can even create holiday cards by using a photo card holder.  I inserted Easter grass and used a glue stick to create a pile of eggs on the left. On the right, I cut slits in green paper to simulate grass and tucked an egg in the grass, then added a butterfly brad, as well as sequin tape to finish off the card.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless. And they don’t stop with Spring. You can create your very own decorative paper using this same tutorial!


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