An Innovative Inspiration: Lauren Boulden

Apr 11

An Innovative Inspiration: Lauren Boulden

20-year-old art student, Lauren Boulden has built a broad portfolio including a plethora of Prismacolor products like the Premier Colored Pencils and Charcoal Pencils to name a few. Growing up  in Midlothian (about 20 minutes from Chicago), her art imbibes a certain urban influence as she hones her skill to one day become a tattoo artist. Tapping into the digital Prismacolor Gallery and community, she hoped to receive a well-rounded critique of her art, as well as build a strong network of fellow artists, but she hadn’t planned on catching our attention.

Meet the artist…

What drew you to submit to the Prismacolor gallery online?

Not too long ago, I  uploaded a piece of art I had just finished to Facebook anticipating critique on it. All I got from friends and family exclaimed “Oh my gosh it looks SO good just keep doing what you’re doing!”Although it’s nice to hear, the only helpful comments I received were from fellow artists. Desperate for an “artist’s” feedback, I remembered seeing the Prismacolor Gallery online info on the back of my colored pencil case and decided to try it out.

What other forms of social media do you use to promote your work?

Facebook definitely, I occasionally post art on my Tumblr, my Prismacolor account, and I JUST got a website up and running.

You also do wood burnings. Is there a correlation between using charcoal on paper and shading on wood, or are they very different?

They are intensely different. Wood burning is entirely time based, whereas with charcoal, I can hold a stick of charcoal to a piece of paper for an hour and not burn through it.  With charcoal, it’s easy to shade, get the darkest darks, and the lightest lights. With burning, if I want black I have to ink it or risk making holes in my art. If I decide I want something lighter, I have to carve the dark out. So, same idea, different process.

As an aspiring tattoo artist, how do you practice your technique?

I look at artists and tattooers that I  respect and study their work. I’ll stumble upon a portrait artist I like and really look at what makes their art so stunning, practice it, and get better. A while ago,  I found a tattoo artist  in my area who does incredible colored illustrations I picked up colored pencils again and studied his color blending technique. Every colored pencil piece I did since has been inspired by his work.

What is your favorite subject to draw?

There’s no subject in particular, but I love doing portraits or anything Sailor Jerry related. He’s a well-known tattoo artist from the mid 1900s known for tattooing sailors.

Who or what is your inspiration?

My inspiration is the pursuit of being near-perfect. I believe there’s no such thing as being perfect, but if I achieve my standards every time there’s no sense in improving.

What is your favorite Prismacolor product?

DEFINITELY colored pencils. I go to Prismacolor products first with most everything (the day they have a burning kit I’ll probably get that, too). I’ve tried many colored pencil brands, but Prismacolor is hands down THE BEST.

Finish this sentence: “I am…”

I am currently making a portrait for a musical friend in exchange for a written song to be played for me ; I think art should work like that.



To see more of Lauren’s work, you can visit her website!


Guest writer Samantha DeCarlo


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    Love the man with the cat! Just keep creating!

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    I love the piece with the hands. Your work is very nice. Keep up the goood work.

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