Comic Con, Comic Cat! Tutorial with Diana Garrett

Jul 25

Comic Con, Comic Cat! Tutorial with Diana Garrett

In preparation for Comic Con this year, I worked on some Super Heroine comics to demonstrate coloring with the Prismacolor Brush|Fine Art Markers and Illustration Markers for our Super Charge Your Superhero workshop.  We just launched 44 new colors in our Premier Art Markers in June and I was so excited to experiment with them. I will show you my Comic Cat coloring project using some of the newest colors in the Brush|Fine Art Markers.

To create this piece I used the following:

My inspiration came from a photo of my granddaughter Emma holding her cat Fluffy. I started to think of the qualities of a super heroine.  A cape, mask, belt buckle, tights, arm guards, etc. all came to mind. I made some small drawings and then decided to just work with the cat.

I enlarged it on copy paper and then blackened the back of the paper with a Prismacolor 6B Turquoise Graphite Drawing Pencil.  I turned it over on my illustration board so the blackened side touched the board and then taped it in place.  I traced it out except for the circle, as I do not trace circles very accurately.  Since I could not find my compass, I made a trip to the kitchen to search for a circular object and returned with a blue bowl that was just the right size.  I traced around it with my 6 B pencil directly on the illustration board.

I never color directly over graphite, as it always makes my lightest marker colors look dirty. So I traced over my graphite lines on the illustration board with a 005 Sepia Fine Line Illustration Marker from the Manga 8 piece set. Next I erased the whole board and brushed away the crumbs from my erasing. Sometimes I use a kneaded eraser, but this time I was using a Magic Rub Eraser.

I want all of the graphite off of the board and only the thin brown lines to use as my guide for coloring.  I always ink last, which is a little different from what you read about coloring comics, but it works for me.

I began coloring with a Canary Yellow Light (PB-20) brush tip end of the double ended art marker.

Next I added some Rhodamine Light (PB-55) to the tail and found it make a nice orange color.

Then I added Violet Blue Light (PB-41) and more Rhodamine Light (PB-55) to complete my color scheme.  They create some beautiful secondary shades of green, orange, and violet when overlapped.

Now that my coloring is finished, I began using the black fine line illustration markers from the Manga set- 005, 03, 05, 08, brush, and chisel to create a wide variety of line widths and patterns that add interest.

I hope you will try your hand at coloring some comics – your own creations or drawings of your favorite heroes and heroines.  Shelley and I travel to many comic conventions to demonstrate how easy and fun it is to use our Prismacolor products. Please say hello when you see us out in the Comic world!


New colors are available now for both Brush|Fine and Chisel|Fine markers!! Be sure to check your local art supply stores for these exciting new marker colors! For more information and to see ALL of the colors visit


  1. Phil Zubiate /

    You got to show at comic con 2013 and I didn’t go this year. Had i known I would have been at your booth everyday trying out the markers. I went last year and it was wild. I like the way the markers blend and once you added the black, WOW!!
    Very nice.

  2. Diana Garrett /

    Thanks, Phil! We had a wonderful turnout at the booth and at our coloring seminar. I hope you will get the chance to try some of our new awesome colors!

  3. Jennifer Buck /

    You have a grand daughter? You must be the coolest grandma in the world.

    I have never been to a Comic-con, but love all things Sci-fi, so would love to go. I’m a 43 year old mom and assumed that the convention would be mostly 20-somethings. Good to know I wouldn’t be the only “old” person there!

    Your cat is gorgeous. Love the angel too.

    I bought my first Prismacolor brush-tip alcohol markers right after they first came out. I love them more than my Copics because the colors are more pure and smooth. However, I REALLY wish they were refillable because I keep using up my favorite shades (like Deco Blue – I’m out AGAIN!) I have to order them online and then wait a week, which interrupts the creative process. I’ve thought about buying multiples of my favorite colors, but I travel with my markers and my marker case only fits so many markers. If only I could buy the ink for refills!

    • Diana Garrett /

      Thank you for trying our brush markers, I love them as well! For the cost of the refill ink you could probably get a few of the colored markers. People tell me they never throw away the markers that are less juicy because they can be used for dry rush effects. I have also heard our markers last a long time- years really! Compared to the competition, but you will have to just make your own judgement. You may want to try the monoprint technique as well as some rubbing tips that will be posted later in the year. I would love to see what you do with the markers if you care to email me.
      And every age person is at the comic cons. It is just a great fantasy world! If you love comics, movies, games, and to dress up in costume you and your family could find it fun.
      Thanks for contacting Prismacolor.

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