Drawing “Miss Daisy”: Summer Tutorial with Prismacolor Brush Tip Markers

Jul 12

Drawing “Miss Daisy”: Summer Tutorial with Prismacolor Brush Tip Markers

Summer is the perfect time to send someone an unexpected note and you can make it even more special when you create that card yourself! Brush up on your card making with this tutorial using Prismacolor Brush|Fine Art Markers with Prismacolor specialist, Shelley Minnis.

Artists and Crafters alike will enjoy creating a quick summer card for a special someone. If you haven’t used Prismacolor Brush tip markers before, this is a quick and easy way to explore the medium and create colorful expressions of personal thoughtfulness.



  • Prismacolor Markers:
    • PB-210 Oatmeal
    • PB-19 Canary Yellow
    • PB-123 Spanish Orange
    • PB-153 Pumpkin Orange
    • PB-150 Mahogany Red
    • PB-187 Leaf Green
    • PB-28 Dark Olive Green
    • Strathmore Blank Greeting Cards, a stamp (I used a Daisy design)
    • Black Pigmented Ink Stamp Pad
    • Embossing Powder, I prefer clear: Prismacolor ink will make some stamp pad inks bleed, but embossing powder prevents bleeding.
    • A Dusting Pad: The purpose of this is to remove any static cling so that no embossing powder will only stick to the ink
    • Colored Papers of your choice (I used yellow/orange)
    • Glue Stick
    • Deckle Edge Scissors
    • A Heat Gun to melt the embossing powder.
    • (Optional) Glitter Tray: Used for the embossing powder when you dust it off, letting you dump powder back into the jar without wasting any
    • (Optional) Decorative ribbon/ decorative “LadyBug” brad


  1. Gather your materials and take the card and wipe the surface of the card with the dusting


2. Ink the stamp with your pigmented ink.

3. Quickly sprinkle the embossing powder on the stamp while it is damp. Wait for a few seconds and then shake off the excess into the “glitter tray”. Tap the back of the card to make sure the excess is completely off.

4. Use the Heat Gun to blow on the stamped card. The imprinted lines will turn glossy.

5. Begin with Prismacolor Brush tip markers, starting with the lightest colors, i.e. Canary Yellow. Be careful to still leave some white space on the center of each flower petal for highlight.

6. Add a deeper yellow into the part of the petal that is closest to the center. Stroke and lift to let the thinner tip of the brush do the work for you

7. Add the Pumpkin Orange and the Mahogany to the petals

8. Use the Pumpkin Orange and the Mahogany in some of the center of the flower, being careful not to make it too solid.

9. Color the leaves, starting with the lighter color green (Prismacolor Leaf Green).

10. Add the Oatmeal for a touch of shadow under the leaves and even a bit of the Dark Olive Green in the area of the veins and deep shadows. Again, be careful to keep your touch light so that the lines you create are not too heavy.

11. Add the ribbon and the bow to the lower edge of the front edge of the card

12. Add the Lady Bug brad through the front of the card

13. The alcohol based Prismacolor marker ink will “bleed through” the card paper/ you must mount Colored paper or Printed paper onto the back of the front of the card with Stick Glue or other paper glues


[Color that has bled through


Solid color mounted on back




14. Cut a strip of the same or coordinating color paper with the Deckle Edge Scissors to mount on the inside of the card. This can be where you write your inscription. I used the Prismacolor Fine end of the Dark Olive Green Marker to do the lettering, “Sunny Greetings”

Enjoy an afternoon of Card Making and Stamping with some simple and fun art materials!



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