Artist Deborah Meyer Talks Technique

Aug 27

Artist Deborah Meyer Talks Technique

Diana Garrett met with artist and friend Deborah Meyer, works in a log cabin studio in the woods of southern WI.  It is only natural that trees would be one of her signature subjects.  Diana is here to share a technique with you that she is excited about and that uses a number of Prismacolor products.

Read on!

Deborah uses vellum and a variety of Prismacolor products  to create a multidimensional image of her favorite subjects; the trees around her home, but you could use this technique to add a three-dimensional effect to any of your work!

Prismacolor Brush Fine Art Markers, brown and black Illustration markers, graphite, and Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are combined on two layers of the most translucent vellum papers to produce a very three dimensional vignette of trees.


She begins with the back layer and a very simple composition of silhouettes using grey and tan brush fine art markers as shown below.


Next she tapes a second sheet of vellum over the top and adds more trees using the brush end of the Brush Fine Art Marker.  Then she adds details to the tree trunks, foliage, branches, and rocks.

She uses graphite, Premier Colored Pencils, and Illustration Markers to add more details and then combines the two images into one work of art!


Here are a few other pieces that she has completed.





  1. I love this art piece!

  2. Lynda Kubly /

    I’m anxious to try this technique. Always something innovative and exciting from Deb Meyer!

  3. gail jaeger /

    Hi Miss Deb,

    You never fail to surprise us with wonderful new techniques. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    Miss Gail

    • I like this technique, but I’d like to know how she combines the two sheets without ruining the quality of the images even more.

      Does she paste them? Tape them? Keep them pressed together in a frame? It would be nice to know

      • Diana /

        Sometimes she tapes them. Sometimes she uses spray adhesive. When she makes them as greeting cards, I think she uses dimensional paints to adhere them decorative to the card. Just experiment and see what works for you. Or you can email her or google her for her website.

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