UI/UX Design – Making Pixels Happy

Feb 19

UI/UX Design – Making Pixels Happy

The UI or User Interface design is the special part of a product that faces the user when looking at the site, while the UX or the User Experience is the sensation, the feeling users get when they look at the site. To get into more detail, User Experience is the sum of aspects resulting from the interaction of an individual with a certain IT system, interface, industrial design, graphics or a physical type of interaction. Classic human-computer interaction is normally part of the User Experience design, along with the insertion of all the aspects of the products/services as they are perceived by the users. The feeling normally needs to be one of encouragement, stimulation to purchase the services or products, or get in touch with the company, small business managers, or freelancer for similar purposes.


Brief User Experience History

Ergonomics and various human factors are some of the main triggering factors of user experience design. It was given birth to sometime in the 1940s and it has ever since focused on the type of special interaction between machines and people. Systems that can successfully address users’ experiences were required and hence developed and the spread of workplace computers in the ‘90s threw an even greater deal of importance. The name Donald Norman is important to remember in relation to user experience design, as he was the pioneer of the field.   


Important User Experience Components

The information age has risen beautifully and therefore some of the main components of UE design rely on user experience digital systems and their building blocks. Graphic design, UI degree of attractiveness, and the emotions of users are all components of UE.  

Graphic design is the aesthetics of the front-end of the User Interface graphics treatment of the interface. Colors and images, lines, symbols, and everything in between are used to convey a certain message to the viewers/website visitors. The most skilled and experienced of graphic designers know just what sort of elements to insert within their work so they can create just the effects they need.  


Findability And Structuring

Products and services need to be highly visible and easily findable on any well-built website. This is why one needs to carefully structure and organize all relevant information with the help of information architecture. All images and documents, software apps and web sites represent the type of information that lies between data and knowledge in the field of information architecture.

Proper structuring means the creation of building units that encompass information. These units are carefully related to one another and grouped in a way that has a certain meaning. The use of labels is necessary to speed up the time required to find the right kind of information and to navigate more easily. Findability is also critical for information architecture. Users need to be able to discover the information they are searching for without having to browse, get in touch with customer support or, or search.

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Tech turns tradition on its head

Mar 30

Tech turns tradition on its head

The world of technology seems to change us every day. Artists know this. Even artists that use the most traditional formats know that they can now rely on some helpful hi-tech tools to do their work. And that often mean computers. Sure, there’s no real comparison to the pen-and-ink drawing we’ve known since childhood. It’s how we developed our technique and style. But we do turn to the Prismacolor blog for information on drawing and the art and artists that inspire us. And we do at least occasionally check out new digital drawing software. It’s an indication of the transformation the internet and the age of technology has brought us.

The “new” tradition

There are plenty of examples of how the internet age has transformed even the most traditional things. The things we once sought out through other media and venues, are now obtained on a computer screen. For information on the most common things such as traffic and weather reports, to the most serious things like buying a home or investing in the stock market, people now turn to the internet. Take a traditional pastime like playing the lottery. The lottery, or some form of it, has been around for centuries. The notion of drawing lots for revenue helped finance the Great Wall of China and the first colony at Jamestown. When the legal system deemed it an unacceptable form of gambling, the numbers game went underground and became the domain of organized crime. Of course now lottery games are almost everywhere, with sponsorship of states, provinces and nations across the globe.

The “I” effect

Just like many other facets of society, the internet came along to transform the lottery. Now playing the lottery is more than the simple matter of picking up a couple of tickets at the corner store and crossing your fingers. Millions of people go online every day to purchase tickets for their favorite games. The internet has created a whole new market and a whole new type of player. The new player is one who buys tickets in high volume, with game-play and money-management strategies to help them maximize their wins and taper their losses. The new market is one of centralized lottery websites to serve these players. Check out a site such as www.lotteryplanet.org to get an idea of how these sites work. As the name indicates, the site offers lists of the big jackpot lotteries around the world. Players have quick access to results and the times of the draws. The www.lotteryplanet.org site also has a quick-response customer support service for questions about the various games.

One of the questions that usually arises about this type of online international lottery play concerns eligibility. Since legislatures worldwide have not caught up with the popularity of online lottery play, there is no uniform law. Our governing officials have left players with a maze of vague and confusing laws on the subject. Some lotteries accept players only from their own jurisdictions. For instance, a lottery player in South Africa may not be able to play America’s Mega Millions game. In turn, some jurisdictions don’t allow players to play a lottery away from home. For players, it becomes a matter of seeing which lottery sites pop up from the easy links that sites such as www.lotteryplanet.org provide. And many of the sites simply explain the rules for each game. Confusion aside, The centralized lottery websites and the players who use them demonstrate how the world of technology has turned tradition on its head.

Design tools and machines

May 06

Design tools and machines

If you are thinking about attending an engineering program or take on a specialist in the same field, the department of "Design tools and machines" at the Polytechnic University in Kiev, Ukraine might be just what you are looking for. If you life in Ukraine or someplace in Europe, you could seriously consider joining the prestigious Ukrainian university and choose one of the two majors or one of the three educational levels available here.


Specialties To Consider

In case you are wondering which are the best specialties you could be choosing, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Know that the first 4 years of your enrollment here are going to mainly focus on Engineering Mechanics. Undergraduate students will be allowed to pick one of the two special training programs, Intellectual Property and Tools and Systems. A training program is going to last for one year and a half, while a Master’s degree program is going to last for two years. You can rest assured when it comes to the licensing and accreditation status of this department. All programs are wearing the approval seal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Building A College Budget

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Fine Animation Art

Apr 27

Fine Animation Art

No matter if the field of video game design or film animation poses a great deal of interest to you, or you are simply interested in other aspects of modern animation, we encourage you to check out our web site. We here at the Animation/Illustration Program at the San Jose State University are committed to providing all interested students a top notch program. Both domestic and international students are more than welcomed to join the more than 500 current undergrads here.


What’s In It For You?


In case you decide to join our program you will get to learn everything here is to know on basic and advanced animation used in a verity of fields such as education and training, marketing and advertising, as well as science. You could get to do the animation for your own presentations or for a top website, if you will. We have the best teachers for you and we are ready to share our valuable knowledge with you. And speaking of creating the animation for a fine flash casino, here is a little something on the game of online roulette.


History Of The Game


Online roulette is incredibly exciting and passionate game. Roulette belongs to the family of games that means in the Indian “Titotum” (“wheel of fortune”), though no one is its direct descendant. This is the symbol of casinos and gambling at the height of their popularity. Some attribute the invention of roulette to famous scholar of the Enlightenment Pascal.

But the history of roulette and its success among competing gambling began in 1796, in France, where at the end of XVIII century the first gaming house was opened in the game “Hoku”, so at that time analogue of modern roulette was called. The exact date of invention of roulette and an inventor are covered by the darkness of obscurity. But the first type of roulette was invented in France (it is played still now in the casinos of the Old World), and only after that there were other roulette types – American roulette and European roulette. The rules are very simple and apply to all types of roulette: players put on one or another number or a group of numbers, and wait until the roulette wheel finish its rotation and the ball will be in a particular hole. Roulette differs only in the number of holes – the European has 37, and the American – 38. And now, during more than 200 years in every casino roulette is being an essential attribute that attracts many visitors to the green baize of game table. Check out Deuce Casino online and take a look at the fine Deuce Casino bonus that welcomes all newcomers – they have a fine selection of roulette games.


Basic Rules


Roulette can be found in many European casinos XVIII century. Roulette rules are not complicated. Gaming table consists of a wheel with a ball and playing field on which players make their bets. The roulette wheel is divided into 36 rooms and “Zero” (0). Eighteen numbers – black, eighteen – red. Before the beginning of wheel rotation player makes a bet. A player can bet on one number can make a bet on a few numbers or guess the characteristics of the room (black / red, odd / even, low / high). During the game, the wheel starts to rotate counterclockwise, and the ball – in the opposite direction. A player wins if he guesses the number of the cell, which stops the ball. You can choose to simply download casino software and practice these simple rules before you wager real money on your gambling. Do not forget about the glorious bonus you are also highly likely to find there.